• Growth within your investment is tax-free.You only pay tax on your regular income payments, at your income tax rate.
  • Diverse range of portfolio options from a range of industry leading portfolio managers.
  • Flexible income payments – you can select an income payment of between 2.5% and 17.5% (per annum).
  • Transparency –– All fees levied on our portfolios are fully disclosed.
  • Your Investment Policy is exempt from estate duty and executor’s fees.
  • The value remaining of your investment will be paid out to your specified beneficiaries when you pass away.
  • No Initial Administration Fees – No initial administration fees are levied on this investment.
  • Low Annual Administration Fees – Administration fees are levied at 0.30% on external portfolios and 0.15% on partner portfolios. These fees fall well below the industry average.
  • Financial Advisors – You may choose to appoint a Financial Advisor (if required).
  • Regular Reporting – We provide regular and easy to understand investment reports.

For a comprehensive overview of the AAM Living Annuity Portfolio and its associated benefits, please refer to the AAM Living Annuity Portfolio Information Document, available in the Forms and Documents section.

INVESTMENT CHOICE: Once you are a investor of the AAM Living Annuity Portfolio, you may elect any one, or a combination of, investment portfolios available to investors.

Based on your needs, select a suitable risk profile below for a comprehensive list of portfolios within each risk category.

The availability of Portfolios is subject to change, so please ensure that you refer to the current available Portfolio List when selecting a Portfolio.

Characteristics will differ depending on the type of Portfolio you choose. Please refer to the Portfolio Supplement(s) and Minimum Disclosure Document(s) pertaining to your chosen portfolio(s) for more information.


Read and understand the Information Document of the investment product you are investing into. This is available in the Forms and Documents section on this site.


Select your portfolio.

We have provided you with a list of Portfolios categorised according to risk profiles for your convenience. Full details for each portfolio are contained within the Portfolio Supplement(s) and Minimum Disclosure Document(s). It is important for you to understand the Portfolio and its characteristics in order to make the correct investment decision.


Submit your fully completed and signed application form, together with any supporting documents required to info@aam.co.za.

Please complete the necessary form and submit, together with any additional supporting documentation requested, to info@aam.co.za.